Making Friends + Making a Difference + Making Disciples

BELONG // Making Friends (building community)

Bayview is a church where everyone is welcome. We are a place of belonging for people to call home.

BLESS // Making a Difference (reaching out)

Bayview is a church that serves others. We want to make a difference in the local community and beyond.

BECOME // Making Disciples (developing people)

Bayview is a church where lives are transformed. We help people become the best 'me' they can possibly be.


We deeply value the story of God’s love for the world revealed to us in Jesus Christ. The things Jesus said and did provide the framework for our thinking and behaving. Our love for Jesus and his kingdom motivates us to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.



We value and affirm the Bible as the basis for Christian belief, identity and practice. Although it is an ancient book, we believe the Bible is deeply relevant to our lives and world today.



Heart-felt and thankful worship is our response to God’s grace. Worship is a lifestyle, which prioritizes God.



Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we seek to respond to human need with compassion. Our love for others is expressed in practical action and support.



Life with God is an exhilarating journey. We partner with God in God’s vision for the world, which involves the coming of the kingdom of heaven to earth. We want to have current stories to tell of God doing the impossible and maintain a hopeful expectation regarding the future.



God never intended for us to live independently; we were created for community. Being family means we desire to be a multi-generational church, which respects all ages with an emphasis on creating a place for the next generation to flourish.


We are real people with real problems. Thankfully, God’s love and acceptance of us is not based upon our performance but God’s goodness and grace. We acknowledge that we are all a work in progress, and it’s ok for others to see the messiness of our lives. 



Whilst acknowledging we are a work in progress, we are also undergoing the process of life transformation. We are gradually being conformed to the likeness of Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives; our response to suffering; training; and engaging in spiritual practices.



We acknowledge the dignity, equality and inherent worth of all persons regardless of gender, race, economic standing or belief system. Therefore, we work for social justice, and equal opportunity for all persons. We also acknowledge that justice includes the responsible care and management of the earth and its resources.


We appreciate the unique contribution of each individual, and we are committed to equipping and releasing people to participate in ministry and mission on the basis of their giftedness and capacity. We understand that some people in the church are uniquely called by God and possess the gift of leadership, which is given to direct the church and to serve and empower others.



We are made in the image and likeness of the Creator God, who does all things well. We therefore value creative expression and the pursuit of excellence, which honours and reflects God.



We honour the rich diversity of Christian understanding, belief and experience and value community and collaboration with all those who acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We seek to promote unity in the wider church and are committed to the ultimate ideal of visible unity.



We value the importance of understanding and engaging effectively with our ministry context, whilst faithfully living out our unique call to be the people of God.   



We see the wise stewardship of our finances and resources, good management practices, strategic planning, intentionality, organizational structure, policies, procedures, evaluation and compliance as essential to building a safe, sustainable and healthy church. 

We have set our sights on serving and increasing our influence on the Peninsula and beyond. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of young people to make a difference in the world by modelling a dynamic expression of Christianity.

Locally, we are responding to the needs of a rapidly changing Peninsula. Serving and supporting our local community is a significant priority. Currently, we provide practical assistance in the following ways: 

  • Community mentoring through the COACH program
  • Emergency food relief through the Food For All program
  • The Breakfast Club - a twice weekly breakfast for students at Rosebud Secondary College
  • Rosebud Secondary College Wellbeing Support Program - a Bayview funded youth worker spends two days a week supporting at risk young people at Rosebud Secondary College  

Nationally and internationally we are committed to supporting: 

  • Nationally we support indigenous children and young people through the Southern Cross Kids Camps program.
  • Internationally, we support and partner with: Bumblebee Cambodia a social enterprise creating employment opportunities for locals
  • Operation Hope a community development initiative in rural Swaziland.

Affiliation + 

WHO we Connect With

Bayview is affiliated with Churches of Christ Vic/Tas (CCVT). Churches of Christ seeks to be a Christian movement, which transforms culture with the message of Jesus Christ. Bayview affirms the values and beliefs of Churches of Christ. You can find out more about CCVT's mission and values here.